Roadworks update 17/08/14

High Street: Many of you would have seen the work being done on the high street, the resurfacing is going very well and the last piece to be finished at the junction of Ormonde Road, they were hoping to finish before the weekend but should now be finished on Monday,

Brewery Road: Because of the on going works above Brewery Road will now be closed from Wednesday 20th August and will be closed for about a week. You will be able to gain access as far as the Methodist church and Brewery Road car park from the Horsell side.

Bullbeggars: There has also been some loose chipping resurfacing done on Brewery Road,  I have been complaining about the work that was done last year. Surrey advised me that the procedure had not work and had lifted in many areas and they were investigating the materials used. The end of last week I noticed Bullbeggars had been redone and lots of loose chipping had been left behind and I sent of an email on Friday about this. I have ben informed by a resident this morning that the sweepers have been out today and cleaned the loose stones. I will keep an eye on the road condition over the next few weeks and months and also make sure the drains are not full of loose chippings.

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