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Footpath 19 Horsell (Brewery Road – Horsell Park)

Last year we was contacted by residents about this section of footpath, following these discussions they organised a petition to come to the Woking Joint Committee. After some investigation it was discovered that the current tarmacked section of the footpath belongs to Surrey County Council but the section of land to the side of it showed no ownership at all. It was not clear where 2014-11-26 14.26.06the piece of land came from, perhaps left over from development of the area, Robin from the HRA even found somebody who thought it was an old road that used to go through to Broomhall.

The fact remained that Surrey were unable to do anything because of the question mark over ownership, so together with Cllr Hunwicks we turned out attention to Woking Borough Council, after many conversations, taking of pictures and consultation with the legal team at WBC it was decided that Woking would take on the land in the public interest. the legal team still have to do the paperwork but WBC have reassured us that this would all be done and the on site work will be completed by the 31st March 2015.



Brewery Road Flooding (Update)

2014-02-11 16.18.35I am pleased to announce that the flooding at the Brewery Road crossing point, which I have been working on for over a year looks like will now shortly be sorted. It looks like that the main drain which seems to go towards the canal has collapsed and the drainage will be redirected into the main storm water system.

I have also secured a new drain channel across the front of the Brewery Road car park entrance which will be connected to the new system as well, this has been paid for through my Community Enhancement fund through the Woking Joint Committee and Surrey County Council

Although these works might be carried out separately, they should be completed in the very near future and I will keep you updated.

Dropping Litter is not exceptable (Update)

Woking Borough Council is working in partnership with private company, Kingdom, to target litter bugs by increasing visible patrols within Woking Town Centre, village centres and parks. Although the campaign focuses on items of smoking related litter, such as cigarette packets and butts, matches and silver foils, Kingdom will also have powers to serve Fixed Penalty Notices for other environmental offences, such as dropping any type of litter, smoke free offences and dog fouling. Anyone spotted dropping litter will receive an on-the-stop Fixing Penalty Notice (FPN) and fined £75 or face prosecution, which carries a maximum fine of £2,500 if convicted in a Magistrates’ Court. The fine must be paid within 14 days, reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days.

In the first three weeks of the initiative over 200 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued.

Cllr Beryl Hunwicks, Woking Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Control, said: “In recent years there has been significant investment in Woking Town Centre to create a clean and welcoming environment for shoppers and visitors to the town. So it is disappointing that far too many people think it’s alright to dispose of their litter on the ground, which is evident from the number of visitors who continue to be identified by this initiative.

“While the number of Fixing Penalty Notices issued is significant, we are clear we want to educate and encourage change when it comes to dropping litter. Where deemed appropriate, especially when dealing with young people and vulnerable adults, we have issued warnings or written to parents explaining what they had done wrong and the potential penalty to help positively change behaviour.

“The disposal of litter from our streets costs councils thousands of pounds each year and spoils our local environment. So the message is simple. Litter is everyone’s responsibility.”

The initiative is part of the Council’s ‘change the norm’ campaign that focuses on changing people’s attitudes towards dropping litter, especially cigarette butts and other smoking related litter. The first phase of the initiative, which began in October, focused on educating visitors who dropped litter. Instead of a Fixed Penalty Notice, litter bugs were given a football-style ‘yellow card’ explaining what they had done wrong and the potential penalty to help positively change habits.

Waste and Recycling Portfolio Holder. Beryl Hunwicks

We are very proud of our recycling rates across the borough and in 2013-2014 we were placed 13th of all Collection Authorities across the country for sending the least amount of waste to landfill.. For every tonne of waste that goes to landfill we pay a gate fee and this costs council tax payers so the less we send the more we can find ways that in time we can reduce that amount to 0% !!!!!

We are hoping that we can reduce the number of residents who continue to throw food into their black bins instead of putting food into the caddies provided.  Trials are taking place to put red stickers on the black bin to remind residents not to throw food there and possibly to supply a six month batch of free bin liners for the caddies to encourage recycling.

A trial in St Johns is taking place to introduce pink and yellow bins for textiles and WEEE (small electricals) at  a flatted development to help recycling and if that is successful to roll it out across the Borough where space permits in other flats and apartments.

115 new bins have been introduced across the Borough to help recycling, in the same colours as the Recycling and Residual bins. This has improved recycling rates.  If you think that Horsell could do with these new bins do get in touch!!

WInter is Coming

As a borough we are only too aware that the Winter is fast approaching and we need to be ready for every eventuality. 5000 sand bags have been filled ready for the wet weather but far more importantly Woking has been hard at work behind the scenes since last Winter’s floods to get the houses that were flooded as resilience proof as possible. In all there were 38 houses that suffered internal flooding and almost all have taken up the personal advice and specifications that have been needed to make each home secure. There has been a great deal of praise, from those residents affected, of Woking Borough Council and their officer and certainly compared with other Districts and Boroughs.

As Portfolio Holder that covers Neighbourhood Services, Beryl is very proud of the fact that every resident affected has had a bespoke service of measures and these should all be in place by next Month.  Ongoing work is still continuing to get areas around streams and rivers protected with the Environment Agency and SCC

Horsell Moor Play Area

In May when we wereIMG_1131 door knocking some of the residents around the Horsell Moor Play Area asked if it could be tidied and made to look a little more inviting for those with young children and for children using the local play group.  Colin and Beryl contacted Council officers, got SERCO involved as our provider dealing with the upkeep of all our play areas across the Borough and after putting it into the work program a for the Autumn we are pleased to announce that it has been painted and the surfaces that were damaged have been replaced.  Another example of where you asked and we acted!

Council steps up litter enforcement

During the month of November Woking Borough Council has stepped up its anti litter campaign  WBC is working with a private company,Kingdom, to target litter bugs by increasing visible litter patrols within the Town Centre and surrounding areas. Anyone spotted dropping litter will receive a fixed penalty notice and fined £75 or face prosecution, which carries a maximum fine of £2,500 if convicted in a Magistrates’Court. The fine must be paid within 14 days, reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days. Although the campaign focuses on smoking related litter, Kingdom will also have powers to serve FPN’s on dropping any type of litter, smoke free offences and dog fouling.

There are plenty of bins around where rubbish can be thrown and special receptacles for cigarette butts and it costs every rate payer significant amounts to keep our town clean and smart, which is why we are doing this campaign. However this campaign is costing nothing for rate payers and we have ensured that Kingdom has a fair approach when dealing with the public. This initiative is part of the Borough’s ‘change the norm’ campaign and the message to visitors is: Woking won’t tolerate litter and if you’re caught dropping it ,expect to be fined!!