Waste and Recycling Portfolio Holder. Beryl Hunwicks

We are very proud of our recycling rates across the borough and in 2013-2014 we were placed 13th of all Collection Authorities across the country for sending the least amount of waste to landfill.. For every tonne of waste that goes to landfill we pay a gate fee and this costs council tax payers so the less we send the more we can find ways that in time we can reduce that amount to 0% !!!!!

We are hoping that we can reduce the number of residents who continue to throw food into their black bins instead of putting food into the caddies provided.  Trials are taking place to put red stickers on the black bin to remind residents not to throw food there and possibly to supply a six month batch of free bin liners for the caddies to encourage recycling.

A trial in St Johns is taking place to introduce pink and yellow bins for textiles and WEEE (small electricals) at  a flatted development to help recycling and if that is successful to roll it out across the Borough where space permits in other flats and apartments.

115 new bins have been introduced across the Borough to help recycling, in the same colours as the Recycling and Residual bins. This has improved recycling rates.  If you think that Horsell could do with these new bins do get in touch!!

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