Footpath 19 Horsell (Brewery Road – Horsell Park)

Last year we was contacted by residents about this section of footpath, following these discussions they organised a petition to come to the Woking Joint Committee. After some investigation it was discovered that the current tarmacked section of the footpath belongs to Surrey County Council but the section of land to the side of it showed no ownership at all. It was not clear where 2014-11-26 14.26.06the piece of land came from, perhaps left over from development of the area, Robin from the HRA even found somebody who thought it was an old road that used to go through to Broomhall.

The fact remained that Surrey were unable to do anything because of the question mark over ownership, so together with Cllr Hunwicks we turned out attention to Woking Borough Council, after many conversations, taking of pictures and consultation with the legal team at WBC it was decided that Woking would take on the land in the public interest. the legal team still have to do the paperwork but WBC have reassured us that this would all be done and the on site work will be completed by the 31st March 2015.


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