Horsell Footpath Temp Closure

The paths between Horsell Park, Ridgeway and Wilson Way will be subject to intermittent closures during the week of

Monday 15th December and Friday 19th December.

The contractors will be working overhead cutting down branches with machinery and they will need to close the sections they are working on because of safety reasons.

I have ensured that the closures will be between 9.15 and 14.30

So no childs journey to school is disrupted.


We were approached by the Horsell Residents Association to see if we could help with the problem of overhanging trees and bushes on the footpaths causing a loss of natural light along the paths. Serco under contract with Woking Borough Council, attend to the bushes but the contract only deals with foliage to the side of the paths.

Cllr Hunwicks and Cllr Kemp worked with Robin Hoyle and Anthony Saunders from the residents association to identify the area that most needed attention. We contacted Serco who have a division that does tree pruning and obtained a quote for the work. Cllr Kemp released funds from his members allocation and Anthony Saunders took care of notifying residents, who’s land some of the tree’s and bushes were on and he also obtained permission to prune any tree’s with a TPO on.

We apologise for any inconvenience but we all feel this work needs doing and will add a lot more natural light along sections of the path that have become very tunnelled.

2 responses to “Horsell Footpath Temp Closure

  1. I understand that, in previous years, the cost of cutting hedges owned by St Andrews School which border footpaths in Horsell has been borne by the school. Was this the case this year and, if not, please could you explain why not?

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