Queen Elizabeth Gardens Trees

Many of you would have seen work start on the trees at the front of QE Gardens. below is a copy of a report on a inspection that was carried out and their findings.

There is one tree that needs to be removed promptly because of advanced decay/ fungal brackets, this tree is marked in red on the attached plan. 

There are three trees showing signs of stress/ initial decay, these are marked with yellow crosses on the plan. These are in decline, but rather than fell immediately, would suggest monitoring closely to assess health over the coming season (particularly flowering and shoot extension). 

The photo is a couple of years old and shows a tree that has since been removed and we have just chipped the stump. This tree is marked with a green cross. 

There are 3 trees likely to succumb and become unsafe over the next couple of years, the loss of which would have a serious effect on the landscape. I’d suggest it would be prudent to plan ahead and plant replacements sooner rather than later. 

There is little room to safely replant within the play enclosure, so what is proposed is to replant on the adjacent green. The trees would be 2x Prunus ‘Accolade’ (flowering cherry) towards the front and 2 x Liquidamber stryaciflua (red gum) towards the back. Both are relatively compact trees, with good seasonal interest.






qe gardens

4 responses to “Queen Elizabeth Gardens Trees

  1. Colin

    Trees are needed in or around the playground area to provide shade in summer. On a nice day that area is a real sun trap and the adults and younger children / babies accompanying children who are playing need the option of a shady spot to sit.

    When the playground was refurbished a few years ago I had the council add some benches in the shaded areas to provide this option. There had always been shaded areas prior to this but this point was forgotten when the playground was laid out differently.

    Always a good idea to ask those who actually use facilities before you make decisions about them.


  2. Dear Colin, a lot of kids use that open space to play and it is now being reduced with the new trees. While the tree replacement may be needed, the impact on the children’s safe playing area should have been considered and planting should only have been done once the area by the bank was opened up again.

    Please postpone this if possible.
    Gihan & Helen

    • Cllr Hunwicks has responded to this I have pasted her comments below

      Dear Mrs Thabrew.
      Yes I do remember calling a week or so ago. I do know that some trees had to be cut down as an emergency because of disease and I believe that the new ones have to be planted in the Spring for maximum growth yield. The inspector is coming on the 18th of this month and should determine soon afterwards so that works on the larger landscaping hopefully will take place after that quite quickly though there might be a time window when there will be limited space in which to play
      Having said all that I have emailed our Neighbourhood officer to confirm or set me straight. If there is scope to delay the planting then it can be done but if not it will be an inconvenience for just a short time
      I will keep you updated
      Best wishes

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