Our surgeries

Beryl and Colin regularly have surgeries at the Red Lion every first Saturday of the month.  There’s rarley a month goes by without people from our community coming to see us. Last Saturday was no exception and 4 ladies came to ask about the arrangements for Wilson Way and Pares Close being put into the CPZ scheme.

Colin and Beryl visited every resident in those roads last June, or dropped a questionnaire into them if they were not there to ask if they wanted to be included into the CPZ scheme. Those roads are regularly blocked by commuters leaving their cars all day and blocking the narrow roads. These roads are used frequently as they have direct access to St Andrews School too and parents use them for parking. Adding coaches into the mix has made this area extremely hazardous.

The majority of residents opted for CPZ and these will be introduced before Easter.  The ladies who came to see us were, quite rightly worried that the implementation had taken too long or was not going to happen at all!  We were able to reassure them that having gone through all the processes that it will be done soon.  Watch this space!  In the meantime Lych Way has been resurfaced and is also ready for restrictions to be implemented to help the residents there!

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