Queen Elizabeth Gardens Planning Update

On Thursday 21st May we received notification that the planning inspectorate turned down permission to divert the footpath through the centre of Queen Elizabeth Gardens. It seems a shame that one objection to something the rest of the community wanted, can cause so much bad feeling and tax payers money, but that’s the law of the land and we have to work within those laws.

Going forward, the path through the centre of QE Gardens will remain open, any other option would prolong the reinstatement of the gardens to the residents.

Last night WBC officers sent out instructions to make as much of the area as safe as possible and remove or reposition the fence, this will be done as soon as possible.

Today WBC officers started the process of sourcing a contractors to complete the landscaping and works to return QE Gardens back to full use.

Once this has been completed we will relook at the footpath situation and see if there is a way forward..

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