Parking review


The woking parking review will be discussed at the Woking Joint Committee on the 2nd Decemember. Follow the link above to the proposed changes for Horsell Village and Goldsworth East that will be discussed.


4 responses to “Parking review

  1. How would one go about submitting a proposal for consideration of a change in parking restictions in the affected area?

    • You can either turn up on the day where you will be given an opportunity to speak or you can talk through it with me. Is it a small adjustment

      • I live on Arthurs Bridge Road opposite the cricket ground. Parking is apparently dedicated to commuters and gym users too lazy to use the car park. I would personally like the road to be CPZ as it is currently the first unrestricted road you come to in Horsell after leaving the town.

      • I am happy to work with you on this, to put forward CPZ we would need over 70% of the households to agree. I have dealt with a few residents around the flooding issue but nobody had ever raised parking with me in this road. I am not sure we will have time before next week to conduct a survey.

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