Monthly Archives: January 2016

Queen Elizabeth Gardens Update

As you will have seen work has now started on Queen Elizabeth Gardens and we have already had lots of emails requesting updates, so I wanted to let you know the scope of work being carried out by the contractors (Kestrel) and give you an update on other parts still to be completed.

The works should be completed by the 31st March and the working hours are Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5pm.

Kestrel will start by creating a temporary access to site via Pares Close and set up a site office on top of the mound behind the Scout building. They will then remove their office from the car park and this will also remove the need for any machinery or plant from the entering the site via the High Street. They will keep public access to all footpaths including into Pares Close. They will also create an temporary access to the tennis court although there will be a period when this will have to be closed when work on the new tennis court is being done, they will give prior notice of this closure.

They will then start work at the front of the gardens, creating a retaining wall along the side of the bowling green and a lite footpath along side this wall, distribute the top soil mound creating a flat play area to the side. Working backwards as they go, they will create the new tennis court and continue the path and landscaping until they reach the path. They will then then make good the landscaping on top of the bund surrounding the proposed MUGA area using the rest of the top soil from the mound. They will also formalise the existing cut across the front of Pares Wood into Pares Close using a permeable gravel type path rather than the hard ones on the rest of the site (this path will not be lite). This will aid drainage and allow us to take it closer to the trees without damaging roots as this eliminates the need to dig a sub base, this will also keep a reasonable size green on the top section as some residents have requested.

The area around the MUGA and the installation of the MUGA itself is not in Kestrels contract and will be a separate piece of work that will be carried out later and after consultation with other interested parties.

There is an open session on Monday 1st February in the village hall from 10.00am if anybody has any questions.

Going forward  the contractors have agreed to keep us your councillors in the picture as work progresses and we have agreed to be the conduit for any future enquiries to allow them to get on with the job at hand.