Community clean up day on Horsell Moor Saturday 11th March

After nearly 6 months of planning and liaising with WBC, the Horsell residents were out in force last weekend to work around the Horsell Moor area.  About 28 people came and part way through there was coffee/ tea and cookies for the workers on what was a rather foggy morning.  Three areas were identified as needing attention along the whole stretch of the Moor and the work party divided into three groups to tackle the undergrowth within the wooded areas and along the edges of the trees.  At the same time litter was also collected and bagged so that SERCO could collect during the week.

Everyone had a really good time and in many cases new friendships were made as residents worked together.. Increasingly Horsell is becoming well known as an area that cares for the environment and the woodland areas around its borders.  They have already tackled Pares Woodland Garden at the top of the Community Buildings area in the centre of the village and again SERCO has worked with the residents to clear the rubbish that has been collected.  Other work parties have tackled the footpaths that criss cross the whole area, cutting back vegetation so that people can use them easily..

We as borough councillors  have helped in this process by getting some main footpaths resurfaced for the benefit of all. Next week on Saturday 19th March there will be the second work party at Horsell Moor. Come and help us as residents we love having new comers!

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