Landscaping of the New Community Buildings in Horsell Village

After the delays caused by the objection to the old central footpath on the site, work has been renewed on completing the landscaping, the second tennis court, the Multi – use games area (muga) and the creation of a new second footpath as well as a top footpath linking Hill Close with Pares Close.  Interested parties met in the village hall on three occasions early this year to iron out any concerns that were expressed. The parties included local residents, the Tennis Club members, the Bowls Club interests and local borough councillors as well as the contractor and WBC partners.

The contractors hope that all will be completed by April.  This will complete the whole project, which has taken 6 years in all from conception to completion and at no cost to Borough residents. ” This has been something that we have longed for in Horsell and we are proud of what has been achieved for the village and all its residents – Young and old alike” said Colin and Beryl and Anne.

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