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Smoking Ban Project around Borough Playgrounds

After Colin’s great suggestion to involve ‘Kingdom’ around our delivery of cleaner centres and encouraging less littering, pupils across the Borough were asked to design a poster to ask adults visiting the play areas with their children, not to smoke.  Several schools participated and a pupil from  Horsell Junior School was judged the winner and her sign put up around the Borough play areas. Congratulations to her.  It was a great poster and can be seen at the Queen Elizabeth play area in the village as well as around the whole borough.

Wells in Woking

Watch out for the many events surrounding H G Wells that are coming to Woking over the course of this year. Beryl has been involved right from the start of this project and has worked with local residents and scholars, as well as WBC officers to make this a great year for Woking but more especially for Horsell, which is highlighted in ‘ War of the Worlds’.

She has been especially involved with officers at getting the art projects delivered in some Woking primary and secondary schools and visited Horsell Junior School to see the mural being done by some of the older pupils.

Canvassing your views

Beryl, Colin and Anne are always canvassing your views and wanting to hear what you have to say. We don’t just come round at election time but 7 days a week and 52 weeks of the year are contactable as a team.  Recently Beryl has been door knocking in Horsell East, which as an area is soon to be joining Horsell West to form the ward of Horsell.  Concerns that have been raised so far are around speeding, signage,  bad road surfaces as well as good feed back about the Town Centre and the new shops and restaurants that are coming or have come to boost the economy of the town. Do let us know if you have a concern that you want to raise with us.

Landscaping of the New Community Buildings in Horsell Village

After the delays caused by the objection to the old central footpath on the site, work has been renewed on completing the landscaping, the second tennis court, the Multi – use games area (muga) and the creation of a new second footpath as well as a top footpath linking Hill Close with Pares Close.  Interested parties met in the village hall on three occasions early this year to iron out any concerns that were expressed. The parties included local residents, the Tennis Club members, the Bowls Club interests and local borough councillors as well as the contractor and WBC partners.

The contractors hope that all will be completed by April.  This will complete the whole project, which has taken 6 years in all from conception to completion and at no cost to Borough residents. ” This has been something that we have longed for in Horsell and we are proud of what has been achieved for the village and all its residents – Young and old alike” said Colin and Beryl and Anne.

Plans approved for the new facilities at the allotments in Bullbeggars Lane

On Tuesday 8th March the Planning Committee approved the plans for the allotments along Bullbeggars Lane. The new facilities will bring a new kitchen, washroom facilities, store room and a shop to this very popular area.  It was over a year ago that having been approached by the Chairman of the allotments, Colin and I were asked to try to move this forward, not just as an idea but a reality.  We met with WBC officers and plans were put in place as well as the finances to cover the whole building costs and its facilities.  Now that planning permission has been approved, it is hoped that building works will begin as soon as possible.  We look forward to seeing the project completed this year.

Community clean up day on Horsell Moor Saturday 11th March

After nearly 6 months of planning and liaising with WBC, the Horsell residents were out in force last weekend to work around the Horsell Moor area.  About 28 people came and part way through there was coffee/ tea and cookies for the workers on what was a rather foggy morning.  Three areas were identified as needing attention along the whole stretch of the Moor and the work party divided into three groups to tackle the undergrowth within the wooded areas and along the edges of the trees.  At the same time litter was also collected and bagged so that SERCO could collect during the week.

Everyone had a really good time and in many cases new friendships were made as residents worked together.. Increasingly Horsell is becoming well known as an area that cares for the environment and the woodland areas around its borders.  They have already tackled Pares Woodland Garden at the top of the Community Buildings area in the centre of the village and again SERCO has worked with the residents to clear the rubbish that has been collected.  Other work parties have tackled the footpaths that criss cross the whole area, cutting back vegetation so that people can use them easily..

We as borough councillors  have helped in this process by getting some main footpaths resurfaced for the benefit of all. Next week on Saturday 19th March there will be the second work party at Horsell Moor. Come and help us as residents we love having new comers!

Our surgeries

Beryl and Colin regularly have surgeries at the Red Lion every first Saturday of the month.  There’s rarley a month goes by without people from our community coming to see us. Last Saturday was no exception and 4 ladies came to ask about the arrangements for Wilson Way and Pares Close being put into the CPZ scheme.

Colin and Beryl visited every resident in those roads last June, or dropped a questionnaire into them if they were not there to ask if they wanted to be included into the CPZ scheme. Those roads are regularly blocked by commuters leaving their cars all day and blocking the narrow roads. These roads are used frequently as they have direct access to St Andrews School too and parents use them for parking. Adding coaches into the mix has made this area extremely hazardous.

The majority of residents opted for CPZ and these will be introduced before Easter.  The ladies who came to see us were, quite rightly worried that the implementation had taken too long or was not going to happen at all!  We were able to reassure them that having gone through all the processes that it will be done soon.  Watch this space!  In the meantime Lych Way has been resurfaced and is also ready for restrictions to be implemented to help the residents there!

Horsell Allotments

Cllr Kemp and Cllr Hunwicks met up with the Chairman of the Horsell Allotments  at the end of February to discuss the concerns that he had about the lack of facilities at the allotments for the many residents who worked there. WBC had originally promised facilities at the allotments when proposals came forward about a new fire station being built along Kestrel Way.  Those arrangements never happened and as many know the new fire station is now being developed in Goldsworth Road.  It also meant that although the allotments management committee had agreed to give up some land for that plan, the facilities have never been built.

Having spoken to the Chairman, Beryl and Colin contacted Leading Officers  at WBC to see if anything could be progressed.  In a recent Thameswey Board Meeting, the Directors, following a suggestion from the Chief Executive, felt that profits could be used by WBC, as the ultimate shareholder, to fund the facilities being built at the Horsell Allotments along Bullbeggars Lane! Promises had been made in good faith but not honoured because of circumstances and it was felt that this should be addressed.

Colin and Beryl are delighted with this outcome!  Another example of your councillors working for the benefit of the residents of Horsell in conjunction with the Borough Council and our administration.

Waste and Recycling Portfolio Holder. Beryl Hunwicks

We are very proud of our recycling rates across the borough and in 2013-2014 we were placed 13th of all Collection Authorities across the country for sending the least amount of waste to landfill.. For every tonne of waste that goes to landfill we pay a gate fee and this costs council tax payers so the less we send the more we can find ways that in time we can reduce that amount to 0% !!!!!

We are hoping that we can reduce the number of residents who continue to throw food into their black bins instead of putting food into the caddies provided.  Trials are taking place to put red stickers on the black bin to remind residents not to throw food there and possibly to supply a six month batch of free bin liners for the caddies to encourage recycling.

A trial in St Johns is taking place to introduce pink and yellow bins for textiles and WEEE (small electricals) at  a flatted development to help recycling and if that is successful to roll it out across the Borough where space permits in other flats and apartments.

115 new bins have been introduced across the Borough to help recycling, in the same colours as the Recycling and Residual bins. This has improved recycling rates.  If you think that Horsell could do with these new bins do get in touch!!

WInter is Coming

As a borough we are only too aware that the Winter is fast approaching and we need to be ready for every eventuality. 5000 sand bags have been filled ready for the wet weather but far more importantly Woking has been hard at work behind the scenes since last Winter’s floods to get the houses that were flooded as resilience proof as possible. In all there were 38 houses that suffered internal flooding and almost all have taken up the personal advice and specifications that have been needed to make each home secure. There has been a great deal of praise, from those residents affected, of Woking Borough Council and their officer and certainly compared with other Districts and Boroughs.

As Portfolio Holder that covers Neighbourhood Services, Beryl is very proud of the fact that every resident affected has had a bespoke service of measures and these should all be in place by next Month.  Ongoing work is still continuing to get areas around streams and rivers protected with the Environment Agency and SCC