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Project Horizon comes back to Horsell

Project Horizon, which is Surrey County Councils project to improve Surreys roads is coming back to Horsell.

Church Hill                                 27th April

Arthurs Bridge Road               30th April

Bury Lane                                   May

Thornash Road                         August

Although not technically in Horsell Harelands Roundabout will also be done on April 17th

There may be a little flexibility around these dates but they will be done and I will keep you updated on any amendments.

Queen Elizabeth Gardens Trees

Many of you would have seen work start on the trees at the front of QE Gardens. below is a copy of a report on a inspection that was carried out and their findings.

There is one tree that needs to be removed promptly because of advanced decay/ fungal brackets, this tree is marked in red on the attached plan. 

There are three trees showing signs of stress/ initial decay, these are marked with yellow crosses on the plan. These are in decline, but rather than fell immediately, would suggest monitoring closely to assess health over the coming season (particularly flowering and shoot extension). 

The photo is a couple of years old and shows a tree that has since been removed and we have just chipped the stump. This tree is marked with a green cross. 

There are 3 trees likely to succumb and become unsafe over the next couple of years, the loss of which would have a serious effect on the landscape. I’d suggest it would be prudent to plan ahead and plant replacements sooner rather than later. 

There is little room to safely replant within the play enclosure, so what is proposed is to replant on the adjacent green. The trees would be 2x Prunus ‘Accolade’ (flowering cherry) towards the front and 2 x Liquidamber stryaciflua (red gum) towards the back. Both are relatively compact trees, with good seasonal interest.






qe gardens

French Market to bring a taste of continental Christmas cheer

French market traders will be wishing shoppers a ‘Joyeux Noël’ from Friday 19
December until Tuesday 23 December when the popular French Market returns to Woking Town Centre.

Adding to Woking’s festive Christmas shopping offer, food lovers can tuck into a wide variety of tasty treats, including breads, cheeses, cakes, chocolate, mustards and olives.

Hungry shoppers who have built up an appetite can enjoy a charcuterie selling
French meats and Corsican sausages, whilst those with a sweet tooth can treat
themselves to a delicatessen stocked with fresh produce or a freshly-cooked crepe.
The popular market will be located in the heart of the town along Mercia Walk and CommercialWay and will open from 9am until 5pm, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Monday and Tuesday, and from 11am until 5pm on Sunday.

Horsell Footpath Temp Closure

The paths between Horsell Park, Ridgeway and Wilson Way will be subject to intermittent closures during the week of

Monday 15th December and Friday 19th December.

The contractors will be working overhead cutting down branches with machinery and they will need to close the sections they are working on because of safety reasons.

I have ensured that the closures will be between 9.15 and 14.30

So no childs journey to school is disrupted.


We were approached by the Horsell Residents Association to see if we could help with the problem of overhanging trees and bushes on the footpaths causing a loss of natural light along the paths. Serco under contract with Woking Borough Council, attend to the bushes but the contract only deals with foliage to the side of the paths.

Cllr Hunwicks and Cllr Kemp worked with Robin Hoyle and Anthony Saunders from the residents association to identify the area that most needed attention. We contacted Serco who have a division that does tree pruning and obtained a quote for the work. Cllr Kemp released funds from his members allocation and Anthony Saunders took care of notifying residents, who’s land some of the tree’s and bushes were on and he also obtained permission to prune any tree’s with a TPO on.

We apologise for any inconvenience but we all feel this work needs doing and will add a lot more natural light along sections of the path that have become very tunnelled.

Footpath 19 Horsell (Brewery Road – Horsell Park)

Last year we was contacted by residents about this section of footpath, following these discussions they organised a petition to come to the Woking Joint Committee. After some investigation it was discovered that the current tarmacked section of the footpath belongs to Surrey County Council but the section of land to the side of it showed no ownership at all. It was not clear where 2014-11-26 14.26.06the piece of land came from, perhaps left over from development of the area, Robin from the HRA even found somebody who thought it was an old road that used to go through to Broomhall.

The fact remained that Surrey were unable to do anything because of the question mark over ownership, so together with Cllr Hunwicks we turned out attention to Woking Borough Council, after many conversations, taking of pictures and consultation with the legal team at WBC it was decided that Woking would take on the land in the public interest. the legal team still have to do the paperwork but WBC have reassured us that this would all be done and the on site work will be completed by the 31st March 2015.



Brewery Road Flooding (Update)

2014-02-11 16.18.35I am pleased to announce that the flooding at the Brewery Road crossing point, which I have been working on for over a year looks like will now shortly be sorted. It looks like that the main drain which seems to go towards the canal has collapsed and the drainage will be redirected into the main storm water system.

I have also secured a new drain channel across the front of the Brewery Road car park entrance which will be connected to the new system as well, this has been paid for through my Community Enhancement fund through the Woking Joint Committee and Surrey County Council

Although these works might be carried out separately, they should be completed in the very near future and I will keep you updated.

Dropping Litter is not exceptable (Update)

Woking Borough Council is working in partnership with private company, Kingdom, to target litter bugs by increasing visible patrols within Woking Town Centre, village centres and parks. Although the campaign focuses on items of smoking related litter, such as cigarette packets and butts, matches and silver foils, Kingdom will also have powers to serve Fixed Penalty Notices for other environmental offences, such as dropping any type of litter, smoke free offences and dog fouling. Anyone spotted dropping litter will receive an on-the-stop Fixing Penalty Notice (FPN) and fined £75 or face prosecution, which carries a maximum fine of £2,500 if convicted in a Magistrates’ Court. The fine must be paid within 14 days, reduced to £50 if paid within 10 days.

In the first three weeks of the initiative over 200 Fixed Penalty Notices were issued.

Cllr Beryl Hunwicks, Woking Borough Council’s Portfolio Holder for Environmental Control, said: “In recent years there has been significant investment in Woking Town Centre to create a clean and welcoming environment for shoppers and visitors to the town. So it is disappointing that far too many people think it’s alright to dispose of their litter on the ground, which is evident from the number of visitors who continue to be identified by this initiative.

“While the number of Fixing Penalty Notices issued is significant, we are clear we want to educate and encourage change when it comes to dropping litter. Where deemed appropriate, especially when dealing with young people and vulnerable adults, we have issued warnings or written to parents explaining what they had done wrong and the potential penalty to help positively change behaviour.

“The disposal of litter from our streets costs councils thousands of pounds each year and spoils our local environment. So the message is simple. Litter is everyone’s responsibility.”

The initiative is part of the Council’s ‘change the norm’ campaign that focuses on changing people’s attitudes towards dropping litter, especially cigarette butts and other smoking related litter. The first phase of the initiative, which began in October, focused on educating visitors who dropped litter. Instead of a Fixed Penalty Notice, litter bugs were given a football-style ‘yellow card’ explaining what they had done wrong and the potential penalty to help positively change habits.

Roadworks update 17/08/14

High Street: Many of you would have seen the work being done on the high street, the resurfacing is going very well and the last piece to be finished at the junction of Ormonde Road, they were hoping to finish before the weekend but should now be finished on Monday,

Brewery Road: Because of the on going works above Brewery Road will now be closed from Wednesday 20th August and will be closed for about a week. You will be able to gain access as far as the Methodist church and Brewery Road car park from the Horsell side.

Bullbeggars: There has also been some loose chipping resurfacing done on Brewery Road,  I have been complaining about the work that was done last year. Surrey advised me that the procedure had not work and had lifted in many areas and they were investigating the materials used. The end of last week I noticed Bullbeggars had been redone and lots of loose chipping had been left behind and I sent of an email on Friday about this. I have ben informed by a resident this morning that the sweepers have been out today and cleaned the loose stones. I will keep an eye on the road condition over the next few weeks and months and also make sure the drains are not full of loose chippings.

Carthouse Lane Closed 11th Aug

I have yesterday received notification that Carthouse Lane will be closed from Monday 11th August for 5 days and I am not sure why. I raised the question that with the A320 closed and the works starting on Horsell High Street this week can this not be delayed. I have not yet received a reply but will be chasing again on Monday am, but when planning your journey be aware it may be closed.

See also posts about Horsell High Street and Brewery Road


Brewery Road Closed, Gas Works 16th August

Many of your will have noticed that the new gas main on Brewery road and Church hill has now been completed, now the final section and connection into the system has to be made between The Brewery Road Car Park and the Chobham has to be made. To do this they will need to close of this end of Brewery Road. The work will start on the weekend of the 16th August and last for up to 7 Days and diversions will be in place.

Note: I will be keeping an eye on the Project Horizon works taking place on the High Street to make sure they are completed before the work here starts