Queen Elizabeth Gardens Update

As you will have seen work has now started on Queen Elizabeth Gardens and we have already had lots of emails requesting updates, so I wanted to let you know the scope of work being carried out by the contractors (Kestrel) and give you an update on other parts still to be completed.

The works should be completed by the 31st March and the working hours are Monday to Friday 8.00am to 5pm.

Kestrel will start by creating a temporary access to site via Pares Close and set up a site office on top of the mound behind the Scout building. They will then remove their office from the car park and this will also remove the need for any machinery or plant from the entering the site via the High Street. They will keep public access to all footpaths including into Pares Close. They will also create an temporary access to the tennis court although there will be a period when this will have to be closed when work on the new tennis court is being done, they will give prior notice of this closure.

They will then start work at the front of the gardens, creating a retaining wall along the side of the bowling green and a lite footpath along side this wall, distribute the top soil mound creating a flat play area to the side. Working backwards as they go, they will create the new tennis court and continue the path and landscaping until they reach the path. They will then then make good the landscaping on top of the bund surrounding the proposed MUGA area using the rest of the top soil from the mound. They will also formalise the existing cut across the front of Pares Wood into Pares Close using a permeable gravel type path rather than the hard ones on the rest of the site (this path will not be lite). This will aid drainage and allow us to take it closer to the trees without damaging roots as this eliminates the need to dig a sub base, this will also keep a reasonable size green on the top section as some residents have requested.

The area around the MUGA and the installation of the MUGA itself is not in Kestrels contract and will be a separate piece of work that will be carried out later and after consultation with other interested parties.

There is an open session on Monday 1st February in the village hall from 10.00am if anybody has any questions.

Going forward  the contractors have agreed to keep us your councillors in the picture as work progresses and we have agreed to be the conduit for any future enquiries to allow them to get on with the job at hand.


Parking review


The woking parking review will be discussed at the Woking Joint Committee on the 2nd Decemember. Follow the link above to the proposed changes for Horsell Village and Goldsworth East that will be discussed.


update on road works High Street & Church Hill

Affinity Road works to High Street And Church Hill Update, Church Hill closed from 10th August

See Attached

Information sheet External

The Future of White Knight Laundry Site.

Councillor Hunwicks, Councillor Branagan and myself met with Pegasus Life, who are the new owners of the site. Their intension is to apply for planning permission to build retirement apartments on the site. we viewed the plans with included parking for more cars than apartments. But they want to seek your opinion first, so residents from the surrounding area have been invited to a public viewing of the proposal on Tuesday 26th may between 14.30 and 19.30 at the light box. don’t worry if you cant make it all the information will be uploaded to a web site after the presentation and they are allowing two weeks for feedback.

If anybody has any concerns about the proposal don’t hesitate to contact any of us, you elected us to represent your views so get us involved.

Queen Elizabeth Gardens Planning Update

On Thursday 21st May we received notification that the planning inspectorate turned down permission to divert the footpath through the centre of Queen Elizabeth Gardens. It seems a shame that one objection to something the rest of the community wanted, can cause so much bad feeling and tax payers money, but that’s the law of the land and we have to work within those laws.

Going forward, the path through the centre of QE Gardens will remain open, any other option would prolong the reinstatement of the gardens to the residents.

Last night WBC officers sent out instructions to make as much of the area as safe as possible and remove or reposition the fence, this will be done as soon as possible.

Today WBC officers started the process of sourcing a contractors to complete the landscaping and works to return QE Gardens back to full use.

Once this has been completed we will relook at the footpath situation and see if there is a way forward..

Delay in works on Arthurs Bridge Road

The resurfacing work that was planned for Friday 22nd May has been postponed. This is due to the fact that Power Networks have applied for a licence to update the main power cable which runs along the road. We are told they plan to do this work over the summer, as soon as they confirm dates for this we will reschedule the resurfacing. we apologies for the inconvenience but I am pleased we found out before the new surface was laid.

Delayed works letter – Arthurs Bridge Road Horsell

Queen Elizabeth Gardens update

There has been some misunderstanding and confusion about Queen Elizabeth Gardens and the footpath diversion, yes there has been some mistakes but we wanted to update you on some facts so I have looked into this and I have set out some information which I hope will help. 

In 2012 planning permission was sought for the extension to the village hall and the new scouts and guides building, the diversion of the footpath was included in this. Planning permission was granted and work was started on the hall. Original planning was granted June 2012 and was amended in December 2012 because of the mound and this included a new route for the path. 

A footpath diversion order was placed under the Town and Country Planning Act to divert a public footpath, which included closing the current footpath and building of a new one through QE gardens and the subsequent landscaping, this is what the objection was made against. Once the 2012 Planning was in place the Balfour Beatty as part of their contract was suppose to prepare the paperwork for this and give to Geoff Ward. This did not happen and as we know Geoff Ward left the council. It was not until late 2013 during a project review meeting that this was identified. The application was submitted in January 2014 and the official date for the inspector’s consideration of the order was October 2014. Yes the footpath diversion order could have been put in earlier and this would have saved us 6-8 months. 

Under this Act if you complete part of the works, i.e. build the new path and complete the landscaping the footpath diversion order cannot proceed. It will automatically be thrown out, which is why the area is still fenced off. This has been questioned and confirmed by the solicitors and is a querk of the act. 

The planning inspector commented that the plan numbers were wrong on the 2012 planning permission and she was correct, but this was a typing mistake and not because she had the wrong papers.  

In 2014 WBC obtained an additional planning permission for the disabled access for the bowling/tennis club and the additional tennis court, which also made ref to the new footpath because it would go around the new tennis court and the disabled access could only be done if the footpath diversion was permitted. 

The planning inspectorate also suggested that the footpath diversion order should have been attached to the 2014 planning permission, but this was never the case the diversion order was always attached to the 2012 permission because of the proximity to the buildings and safety. 

Going forward we have explained the typing error and explained that they are incorrect in relation to which planning permission the order should be attached to, although she has been offered a copy of the later planning application which she refused. They can either agree with us and review the footpath order using the 2012 plans or refuse the order. If they refuse on the basis that the diversion should be attached to the 2014 planning permission, we have two main options either keep the path open or reapply using the 2014 planning consent which leaves it open to further objections and longer time. 

Last but not least the mound, the pile of top soil that is still on site is required for the shaping and compleation of the site. If we had removed it we would have needed to repurchase.